Comprehensive Support Services for Growing Traders

Part of Altegris Clearing Solutions, the Trades Services Group (TSG), was formed to help organize operations for Commodity Trading Advisors and Commodity Pool Operators. TSG specializes in working with traders on both small and large growth issues. Whether you are a new trader looking to effectively organize your business or a large institutional group looking to expand and diversify your systems, contacts, execution and clearing relationships, TSG can help.

Trade Services Group - Helping CTAs and CPOs

Our Independence Means Optimal Solutions for Your Business

The independence of the Trades Services Group is one of our strengths. Our team has relationships with multiple FCMs, execution groups and trading systems. As a result, we are able to assemble a customized set of functional solutions to meet your specific needs.

Value Added Services to Help You Focus on Trading

The Trades Services Group is focused on helping you concentrate on trading rather than operations. TSG can evaluate and help negotiate execution rates for a fair market price. If your current provider will not give you what you want, we will search for a better solution for you. If you can’t trade because the services are inadequate, we can suggest better alternatives. In everything we do, we focus on how we can add value to you.

The Trades Services Group can assist you in accessing a number of services in a manner customized to your specific needs. TSG can help you with:

  • Clearing for Futures and Options on Futures
  • Execution outlets (Desk, electronic, floor access)
  • Block Trading and Allocation Services
  • Give-ups
  • Re-caps and checkout
  • Deliveries and Warrants (tender and re-tender)
  • OTC facilities
  • FX
  • Collateral financing
  • Cash management
  • Professional service provider referrals
  • Guidelines and consulting for setting up Commodity Pools and Managed Accounts

Contact Us to Discuss How We can Help

To discuss your needs or any of our services, contact Max Eagye at (800) 828-5225 or send an email to We’d be happy to speak with you.